On Painting

Painting is my second interest, thematically often connected to architecture.

In painting, my field of exploration is different; it is where I allow created forms to shape a certain mood which will be transported to two-dimensional surface.

Most frequent themes I use are built forms of architectural heritage in natural environment, man in relation to architecture, as well as the human figure with all its manifested shapes, moods and moves.

Manifestations of weather conditions and light can also frequently be found in my paintings. Invariability of architecture, emphasized by fluctuating atmospheric influences, mystic and dramatic situations created by weather conditions as opposed to calm and steady volumes – this is what prevails as an experienced scene.

Most often I use oil-pastel. It is a technique not frequently used but it gives great possibilities for expression and exploration. Layers deposited on one another, rubbing and taking off certain layers in some places – all this gives an effect which is very similar to using oil-paint.

In terms of style, this kind of painting is not modern or avant-garde. It doesn't explore new trends in development of art forms, but it does explore forms in terms of space and situations resulting from them, as well as atmosphere created by form. According to its expression, it is probably closest to experiences of impressionist realism characteristic for the 1930s to which atmosphere I am most inclined.