Goran Polovina was born on 14 February 1965 in Belgrade .

He graduated at the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture in 1991 with the grade 10 (of 10). His mentor was the Professor of Architecture Milan Lojanica.

Since 1992 Goran Polovina has worked as Project Designer in the elaboration of town planning, preliminary and final architectural and interior designs. Beside designing, he deals as well with painting, graphic design and illustrations.

Moreover, during 1996, he was engaged as consultant at the channel TV Politika in the programme “My Home”.

In December 1997, within terms for practical lessons at the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture, he lectured on “Characteristics of Public Town Palaces Forms in Belgrade during 1914-1919”.

In April 2001, within the course of master art studies titled ”Architectural /Town Planning Designing” at the same Faculty, he has lectured on “Modeling of Architectural Form in Transition”.

He acquired the Master Degree at the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture in September 2001 with the topic “Transition of Architectural Form Viewed on Belgrade Public Buildings”; his mentor was the academician Professor of Architecture Milan Lojanica.

In 2003, he acquired the Designing License issued by the Engineer's Chamber of Serbia.

He acquired the  Doctor of Philosophy degree in December 2013 at the Belgrade  Faculty of Philosophy - History of Art Department, with the topic “Architecture of Classicism in Serbia in 19th and 20th century ”; his mentor was the Professor Aleksandar Kadijević.